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Pet Stain Removal Best Tips


Bringing home a new furry friend is the start of a lifelong friendship and series of Facebook photos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long until you are searching the internet for pet stain removal processes. Keep your pup the star of the show with these tips for pet stain removal and pet odor removal.

Clean Pet Stains As Soon As Possible

Accidents can happen while potty training your pet, and when they do, it’s best to get to them quickly. Stacking thick layers of paper towels topped with newspaper will help soak up the stain. Stand on the layers for about a minute and repeat until the area is barely damp. If the stain sets in, call Diamond Carpet & Textile Services for a carpet cleaning to take away pet stains and odors.

Keep Pets Away from Carpet As Much As Possible

While you’re potty training your pet, it’s also important to teach them where they can and can’t hang out in your home. Keeping pets off of your delicate area rugs and carpets will keep them looking newer longer. Keeping pets away from carpets and rugs will keep them from tracking dirt, hair, dander, and odors onto your floors.

When you first introduce a puppy into your home, keeping them on a leash and walking past carpeted areas will help them learn they shouldn’t spend time there. Give your pet a treat when they keep their paws off the carpet. If they do walk where they shouldn’t, remove them quickly to set an example. You can also use physical borders, like gates or chairs, to teach them to stay away. Eventually, your puppy will learn he or she is not welcome on the carpeted areas, reducing the chance of pet stains.

Wash Your Pets Often To Prevent Stains

If the rules in your house will be a little more laid back, daily brushing and weekly washings will eliminate dirt and other contaminants your pet picks up outside. Washing will remove any dirt and dust collected on their fur and paws, and the bushing will help cut down on shedding. If you allow your dog on your carpet and furniture regularly, make sure to vacuum at least once a week. You should also schedule carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for your home several times throughout the year.

If your puppy does make some mistakes during the learning process, contact Diamond Carpet & Textile Services for carpet cleaning. The key to clean carpet is an urgent defense against stains. We specialize in pet stain removal and are fully insured for your protection. For more information on carpet cleaning in Pooler, Savannah, Chatham County, and Effingham County call (912) 349-7115.