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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether you have two employees or 200, a Diamond Carpet & Textile Services commercial carpet cleaning is a smart investment in your business. It can save your company a lot of money and headache in the longterm, especially if your customers see your floors. From preventative measures to professional commercial carpet cleaning, follow these three tips to get a longer life out of your business’ flooring.


Use protective barriers under furniture


Desks, cubicles, meeting tables, and chairs are just a handful of the furniture needed to run an office. The heaviest pieces can leave indentations in your carpet, and sliding them across your carpet can damage it. To prevent damage, you should place inexpensive rugs, plastic mats, or furniture siders under furniture in work areas.


Schedule regular, commercial carpet cleaning


Carpets are prone to collect dirt, dust, pollen, and stains. Fortunately, regular commercial carpet cleaning removes this debris quickly, making floors look cleaner and newer. You should schedule commercial carpet cleaning at least once every six months, and even more frequently if you have lots of people walking across the carpet daily. If your office is dog-friendly, specialty pet stain removal may also be necessary between full carpet cleaning appointments to minimize odor and discoloration.


Treat spills and stain immediately


It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, lunch, or pen ink. Sometimes the most common things in an office are also among your carpet’s biggest enemies. The key to avoiding set-in stains is a quick response. The spill needs to be cleaned up immediately after to prevent it from becoming a permanent part of your office. Additionally, you should use the correct cleaning method. Try spot cleaning first, but if the stain’s still there, schedule a professional commercial carpet cleaning as soon as possible to prevent a permanent stain.


Keeping your business’s carpet in prime shape is simple with the help of Diamond Carpet & Textile Services. We’ve served Savannah, Pooler, Chatham County, and Effingham County since 2001 and are licensed and insured for your protection. We can handle small commercial jobs or entire office buildings and hotels. Call us at  (912) 349-7115.